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Bubble-ology Workshop - Dome & Cube Bubbles $550

How to blow a dome-shaped bubble and how to blow a bubble inside a bubble. Can you create a bubble sculpture of a snowman, caterpillar or flower?

Cube shaped & Tetrahedron shaped Bubbles.

Through correct control of breath you can create all of the above.

Includes; individual trays, straws & a bottle of our ‘special’ bubble juice. Max 24 pax at a time.

(1 x rectangle tables is required for storing equipment above stall, plus tables to sit at)

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test $876.78

Bubble workshops are available for kids, adults and even team building events. We have bubble workshops for all ages, whether it̢۪s just little ones discovering about shapes and maths or students learning about gases or even blowing bubble domes for team building events - we have bubbles for everyone.

Bubbles can teach us about:

  • Surface tension – why bubbles are always a sphere

  • Light & wave lengths – bubbles act like prisms

  • Bubble films – and how this can relate to tropical geography & ground mapping

  • Platonic Shapes

  • Properties of different gases

  • Bernoulli’s principle of flight

  • Improve your fine & gross motor skills

  • Refine your hand eye coordination

Did you know:

Architects are using bubbles to help design buildings with great internal spans. Currently bubbles are helping scientists to refine inkjet printing technology and discovering more about the big bang theory. So bubbles are not just play things, we can use them to help us learn about the world around us.

‘Going Green’ – Cj will demonstrate how you don’t have to buy expensive bubble toys and equipment to make bubbles. Cj will show you how you can use everyday items you can find at home to re-use and recycle items, to make tubes and the most amazing bubbles yourself.

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